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Over 12,000 unit prices provide you with cost coverage for all aspects of construction -- from sitework and concrete, to doors and painting. The cost data is broken down into material and labor costs, to allow for maximum flexibility and accuracy in estimating.

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The 2024 BNi General Construction Costbook doesn’t just give you the costs for major commodities such as steel and asphalt, it presents you with precise details for virtually every component used in construction, with the costs for material, labor and equipment clearly broken out.

For example, the costs of wood decking, floor sheathing, trusses and ornamental woodwork are all broken out separately, as are the costs of metal railings, metal gratings, metal decking and metal fabrications. And you get this same level of detail for masonry, concrete, painting, plumbing, electrical and more.

With the 2024 BNi General Construction Costbook you’ll be able to quickly and confidently prepare bids, check prices and calculate the impact of change orders. And for each item you are given the man hours per unit, so you can see the basis for the labor costs based on standard productivity rates, as well as the latest prevailing wage rates from the US Department of Labor.

All data in this Costbook is organized in the CSI format. This industry standard provides an all-inclusive checklist to ensure that no element of a project is overlooked. In addition, to make specific items even easier to find, there is a comprehensive alphabetical index.

The 2024 BNi General Construction Costbook also includes Assemblies tables listing systems for commercial construction, each broken down by its respective unit price components. This section provides construction costs by assembly type, represented by the major categories designated by ASTM E1557-09.

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