Facilities Manager's 2024 Costbook 30th Edition

BNI Facilities Managers Costbook

BNI Electrical Costbook

Published by BNI Building News

The 2024 BNi Electrical Costbook puts right at your fingertips up-to-date material costs, labor costs and equipment rental costs for every aspect of electrical work ... power distribution, network communications, lighting and more.

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Today's inflation, combined with nasty supply chain snarls and ever-increasing prevailing wage rates can make accurate estimating all but impossible. Especially when you consider that the cost of some items is actually going down!

With it you can confidently estimate the cost of all types of electrical projects involving new construction and renovations in both commercial and residential buildings.

The 2024 BNi Electrical Costbook is the first place to turn, whether you're preparing a preliminary estimate, evaluating a subcontractor's bid, or submitting a formal budget proposal. It puts at your fingertips accurate and up-to-date material and labor costs for thousands of cost items, based on the latest national averages and standard labor productivity rates.

What's more, the 2024 BNi Electrical Costbook includes a greatly expanded set of over 600 regional cost modifiers for adjusting your estimate to your local conditions.

This new Costbook features:

  • Material costs for thousands of items based on current national averages (including allowances for transport, handling and storage)
  • Labor costs based on the prevailing rates for each trade and type of work, PLUS man hours for each cost item, so you can clearly see exactly how the labor cost was calculated and make any necessary adjustments
  • Equipment costs -- including rental and operating costs
  • Square-foot tables based on the cost-per-square-foot of hundreds of actual projects -- invaluable data for quick, ballpark estimates

All data is categorized according to the CSI division format. This industry standard provides an all-inclusive checklist to ensure that no element of a project is overlooked. In addition, to make specific items even easier to locate, there is a complete alphabetical index.

With the 2024 BNi Electrical Costbook, you'll save yourself time and effort, while protecting yourself from hidden costs, cost overruns, oversights, and hazardous "guesstimates."

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