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National Estimator Cloud
Contains the Data from 10 Craftsman Costbooks

National Construction Estimator
National Renovation & Insurance Repair Estimator
National Electrical Estimator
National Home Improvement Estimator
National Plumbing & HVAC Estimator
National Concrete & Masonry Estimator
National Painting cost Estimator
National Earthwork & Heavy Equipment Estimator
National Repair & Remodeling Estimator
National Framing & Finish Carpentry Estimator

Each Costbook Has Over 400 Pages of Current Labor & Material Costs for Construction

  • Labor Cost
  • Manhours per Unit
  • Area Modification Factors
  • Equipment Costs
  • Material Costs
  • Waste and Coverage
  • Subcontracted Work
construction costbook labor and material costs

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What Our Customers Say

"Great resource for bidding and estimating. Just started working with it and I love it so far. Its reducing my biding time by a substantial amount."

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"I have the software version of the National Estimator and I subscribed to the Cloud version for more recent updates."

John SmithJohn SmithCEO
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Frequently asked questions

Email Tech Support If You Don't Find the Answer To Your Question Below:

What Craftsman Databases Are Included with NEC?

2022 National Construction Estimator
2022 National Electrical Estimator
2022 National Home Improvement Estimator
2022 National Painting Cost Estimator
2022 Plumbing & HVAC Estimator
2022 National Renovation & Insurance Repair Estimator
2022 National Repair & Remodeling Estimator
2022 National Framing & Finish Carpentry Estimator
2022 National Heavy Equipment Estimator
2022 National Concrete & Masonry Estimator

How Accurate Are Your Cost Estimates?

As accurate as possible considering that the estimators who developed these figures don't know your subs or suppliers, haven't seen the plans or specs, don't know what buiding code applies or where the job is and don't know your work crews. We don't claim that all construction is done at these prices. No single cost fits all jobs. Good estimates are custom-made for a particulat project and a single contractor through judgement, analysis and experience. Think of National Estimator Cloud as an aid to developing an informed opnion of cost.

Is This The Same Product As Craftsman's Site License?

Yes. However National Estimator Cloud runs on the Web. No Disk and no download needed. You get access to all 10 Craftsman's estimating costbooks for one low monthly cost. Plus, the Cloud product supports both IIF exports (to QuickBooks Desktop) and API transfers (to QuickBooks Online).

How Does NEC Work With QuickBooks?

When it's time to begin billing for work completed, convert the bid to an invoice -- in either QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online. your invoice can show as uch or as little detail as you want -- every work item or just charges by job phase. Saves hours of typing. Elimates any doubt about what the invoice covers. The job phases you select are written to your Item List. Bill for either 100% of the job or just work completed during a pay period. national Estimator Cloud keeps track of work completed and billed and work yet to be completed and billed. QuickBooks keeps track of what's been paid and what's still owed. Use QuickBooks to compare job costs with revenue. Intuit and QuickBooks are registered trademarks of Intuit Inc. Used with permission.

How Do I Get Updates?

If you subscribe to The National Estimator Cloud you will be updated automatically. You don't have to renew every year. You will receive the new years data once it's available.

How Many Users Per Subscription?

Limit one user per subscription/license.

Is the NEC Interchangeable Between Windows and Tablets?

Yes, the Cloud version doesn't require software download/installation. It runs on your internet browser -- Small phones may have some display issues -- too much information on a limited screen size.

How Often are Prices Updated?

Material prices are revised quarterly. Labor and equipment prices are updated annually.

Where Do We Get The Figures Seen in Each Costbook?

From the same sources all professional estimators use: contractors and subcontractors, architectural and engineering firms, material suppliers, material price services, analysis of plans, specifications, estimates and completed project costs, and both published and unpublished cost studies. In addition, we conduct nationwide mail and phone surveys and have the use of several major national estimating databases.