Customer Service: (760) 438-7828
Contact Customer Support or one of Craftsman’s departments directly for all other inquires including orders, shipping, products inquiries and all other general questions, comments and suggestions.

Technical Support(760) 438-7828
For any technical support questions, to report a bug and all suggestions and/or problems you may have using Craftsman software products, website, etc please contact our Technical Support department.

Editorial Department: (760) 438-7828
Contact Editorial if you’re thinking of writing a construction manual and want to know how, and what topics are in demand.

Marketing Department: (760) 438-7828
Contact Marketing to have your name removed from or added to the mailing list, receive review copies for a class you teach, or participate in advertising on Craftsman’s Websites or in promotional advertising.

Licensing Department: (760) 438-7828
Contact our licensing department to discuss cost data or software licensing opportunities.

Office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm Pacific time.