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Ceramic Tile Essentials Quick-Card

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Electrical Solar Essentials Quick-Card

This 8-page guide covers the growing field of solar energy.

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This 8-page guide covers the growing field of solar energy. Focusing primarily on typical residential installations and the basics of what goes into them, this essential reference is filled with tables, tips, how-to's, why's and wherefore's. This is truly a must-have for anyone interested in solar: contractors, homeowners, etc.


  • Solar Radiation Map (U.S.)...the best places for solar installations
  • Orientation and Inclination of PV Arrays
  • Residential and Commercial PV System Types
  • Basic Grid-Tied System
  • Grid-Tied System with Backup Power
  • Off-Grid System with Backup Power
  • Parts of the System: Batteries, Charge Controllers, DC Converters, Photovoltaic (PV) Cells, Inverters
  • PV Cell Construction
  • Efficiency Losses
  • Sizing a PV Array
  • Solar Power Economics
  • Residential Net Metering
  • Comprehensive, 4-page Solar Glossary defines the dozens of terms that are essential to your understanding and application of solar concepts
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