International Residential Code (IRC) Quick-Card: Based on 2018 IRC

International Mechanical Code (IMC) Quick-Card 2021

Residential Construction Doors & Windows Quick-Card Based on 2021 IRC

This expanded, 6-page guide presents the essentials of installing residential doors and windows.

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This expanded, 6-page guide presents the essentials of installing residential doors and windows. Featuring many full-color illustrations, step-by-step instructions and useful tips, this is a great reference for the general contractor, the property owner and anyone else who needs a quick overview of the basics of installing and replacing doors and windows.


  • Emergency Escape & Rescue Openings – Required; Minimum Opening Area; Window Sill Height; Window Wells; Emergency Escape & Rescue Doors; Bars, Grilles, Covers & Screens; Emergency Escape & Rescue Openings Under Decks & Porches
  • Means of Egress - Egress Doors; Means of Egress; Egress Doors; Floors & Landings at Exterior Doors
  • Window Area & Glazing – Window Glazing Area; Habitable Rooms; Adjoining Rooms; Bathrooms; Glazing Identification; Louvered Windows or Jalousies; Human Impact Loads; Glazing & Hazardous Locations; Screens; Min. Category Classification of Glazing
  • NFRC Label – NFRC Window Label; NFRC Door Label; U-Factor; Air Leakage (AL); Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC); Condensation resistance (CR); Visible Transmittance (VT)
  • Exterior Doors & Windows - Performance – General; Performance; Testing & Labeling; Windborne Debris Protection; Anchorage Methods; Masonry, Concrete or other Structural Substrate; Wood or other Approved Framing Materials; Mullions
  • Framing Doors & Windows – Wood Wall Framing - Design & Construction; Fastening Schedule – Wall; Door & Window Framing; Single Member Headers; Supports for Headers; Minimum No. of Full Height Studs at Each End of Headers in Exterior Walls; Top Plate; Bearing Studs; Bottom (Sole) Plate; Interior Walls; Size, Height & Spacing of Wood Studs
  • Doors - Components, Types & Installations – Parts of Doors; Installing A Pre-Hung Door; Door Threshold; Installing Doors; Types of Doors - Hinged Doors, Bi-fold Doors, French Doors, Dutch Doors (Stable Doors), Stacker Doors & Sliding Doors
  • Windows - Components, Types & Installations - Window Components - Single Hung Window; Installing Windows; Operable Types of Windows - Single Hung Windows, Double Hung Windows, Sliding Windows, Hinged/Casement Windows, Awning Windows, Hopper Windows, Jalousie/Louvered Windows; Fixed/Non Operable Windows – Bay Windows, Bow Windows, Garden Windows, Picture Windows, Transom Windows, Skylight Windows, Glass Block Windows; Other Types of Windows - Egress Windows; Storm Windows
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