Journeyman Electrician's Preparation & Study Guide - eBook
By: Bob Norris, Revised by Lester McDonald

Published by: Craftsman Book Company
ISBN: 978-1-57218-267-7
96 Pages
eBook (PDF)

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This is not only a great study guide filled with sample electrician’s exam questions, but it teaches you how to quickly turn to the code section that answers the questions. Most electrician’s exams give you about 2 minutes per question – not enough time to browse through 800 pages of fine print looking for each answer. This manual, based on the 2008 and 2011 NEC editions, explains how the Code is organized, so you understand where the information you need is located. Then it shows how to rearrange and tab your copy of the Code to streamline your search efforts. Next, you learn a step-by-step search procedure, in which you’re shown how to analyze the question to determine its subject, know where to look in the index, find the exact article, then turn right to the Code section that answers your question.

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