2012 National Construction Estimator eBook
By: Richard Pray

Published by: Craftsman Book Company
ISBN: 978-1-57218-257-8
672 Pages
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I started with National Renovation and Insurance Repair Estimator in 2006. My work involves preparing cost estimates to repair damaged properties in seven states. When I am in Ohio and need to know the cost of installation of 750 Square Foot of drywall in Hartford Connecticut, I insert the Zip Code, and I have my answer. Great Product, and invaluable to someone like me. I use a "self- made" program to present the estimate, but the ability to collect pricing information and be confident that I do not over-price or under-price an estimate is worth it's weight in gold.
C. R. Lamb (2011-12-18 19:36:18)
I started using Craftsman stuff about 5 years ago and still find that the Renovation and Insurance estimator database works best for my remodeling and renovation company. I supplement it with items from the others for commercial bids, but most residential scenarios are covered by this one, and the pricing seems to jive rather close to insurance co. databases such as Exactimate, etc. Good product!
Tom R. (2010-10-07 14:50:15)
I'm a homeowner trying to renovate a 208 year old house. The Craftsman books were a godsend! Our contractors were amazed at the preciseness of our offers. I don't know how many actually bought their own copies but they surely wanted to see the CDs results. I can't say enough about the overall practical use of the Craftsman books. Just a terrific service all around.
J Barnes (2010-09-17 17:45:12)
I have worked as a handyman, project manager, builder, etc. on 4 continents for close to 40 years. Last year I discovered the National Estimator series and bought the Repair & Remodeling Estimator. This year I found out about the Site License, a low price for 11 titles! So I switched to that and I use it ALL the time!!!
Mark Bonaparte (2010-08-25 18:07:27)
We have been using the National Construction Estimator since 2008. A few weeks ago we again upgraded to the 2010 version to make sure we keep up to date. Yes, the software is updated frequently online during the year but you still need the new program yearly, more especially with the economic construction downturn. This book and software has made it nearly impossible for me to "miss" a cost code while estimating. The organization of the cost window seach feature almost always leads me to a section I might have missed. The profits you see in return for such complete estimates far outweight the losses that can be expected if you go it alone. No more forgotten labor - no loss on profit. This program/book is so inclusive that many times we are able to actually lower the final invoice to the customers delight, which means happy customers. Great references. Thank you for a superior product. This is a way to zap out a speedy quote when needed for small jobs. And a fabulous reference to apply when you need the in-depth coverage of a comprehensive estimate for those large jobs where every penny counts!
Lynette A Carothers (2010-07-07 12:54:19)
I like the fact that the program does all your extensions, but your pricing is nowhere near actual, and I have to change all the labor hours and rates. At least I get some experience with an estimating program.
Mike Ramsey (2010-07-07 10:24:32)
Great reference book. I use it all the time (since 2005). It has useful information for an electrical estimator along with accurate labor/material costs. Can't beat that for the price. -20 yr electrical estimator in FL.
Kenny Oswald (2010-02-02 14:06:51)
I've been using these books for over 20 years. They're great, but they need to be Mac compatible.
James Battle (2009-12-15 18:17:55)
User since 1996.This is a very handy tool in my estimating. Thirty years in the trade. Three Master electrician licenses. MA, NH, and ME.
Paul Gordon (2009-12-01 14:13:57)
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